Frequently Asked Questions!




There are several benefits that you can enjoy by simply Signing up to create your own account here in our Platform. All members including Free members can access our Auto network Builder where You can check out Several Recommended opportunity and use our Auto network Builder to build multiple Income streams by simply building your mygeces Network. 

You will also receive adsvertising credits once you purchase and activate a position that you can use to submit advertisement on our site to expose and promote your products, services and opportunity to our community which are the perfect target market..

Any personal information that you provide here at our website are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Simply Register Now here on your Sponsor Personal replicated website to Create your FREE Account. Inside our members area you can access our promotional center where you can find your Personal affiliate or referal link that you can use to build your team and you can also upgrade your Account to a PRO member to be able to Advertise and maximize the income potential of our Program.

Pro members can earn from our reward program in 3 different ways. First is the Pass up Bonus where you can earn Unlimited income down to infinity, Second is a Cycle Bonus when you completed your 2x2 matrix and third is the Matching Bonus where you earn once Your Referrals Earn a Cycle Bonus.

We combined 2 proven wealth building Payplan in 1 program. the Pass up Bonus Provide our Member instant Commission Down to infinite deep of thier network and our Matrix system is designed in such a way that it create massive spillover to push more people to cycle and earn.

Our system accept and payout members income in cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

  • I Still don't have a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency knowledge how can I participate?

Inside our members area you can find guides on how you can buy and start using bitcoin to participate on our program and on other cryptocurrency opportunity in the industry. 

  • Can I register Multiple account using same name and email?

No! You don't have to create multiple account simply to take advantage of the reward program, One Account can earn Unlimited income a day and That will only Slow down you on building your team and your network. you won't be able to do spill over to your downlines to help them move on our progressing matrix.

  • What is the Minimum Encashment and the maximum reward encashment?

The Minimum reward encashment is $10 and the Maximum reward encashment is up to $1,000 per day!

  • What are the deductions on our pay out?

We deduct 2% for the Payment Processor fee and 10% is also deducted on your encashment for our advertising and promotion campaigned to keep our matrix moving and to help more people to cycle and earn from our program. 100% of Admin3 Top position Income will also be used for advertising campaign to create more spillover on our Matrix 1 on all stages.

  • What are the programs that are on the Auto Network builder?

As of Now we have 4 programs recommended inside our auto network builders. We have the AWSMINING, SPILLOVERBOT, ADFEEDZ and CRYPTOPROS and more will be added as our community grow.

Once You Purchase an Adpack to Activate a position on our Compensation Plan You become a pro member and Pro Members can also add 3 programs of their choice on our Auto Network Builder.

  • I am already a members of some of the Recommended program, can I still use the auto Network Builder?

Yes! Your can. You simply update the link for that program so your Network here can follow under you on those opportunity!

  • I have other questions where can I get the answer?

You may ask your sponsor or send us a message using contact us page or join our Facebook group to learn more,